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How does Colpermin work?

Peppermint oil is extracted from Mentha Piperita L. Its major constituent is menthol. Menthol exhibits an anti-spasmodic effect by inhibiting the calcium channels in the intestinal smooth muscle cells.3,4

Colpermin‘s refined peppermint oil is held in an oleo matrix gel and encapsulated in a unique enteric coated capsule. This particular enteric coat begins to disintegrate at a pH of 6.8. It provides a targeted release of the active ingredient in the distal small intestine.  The oleo matrix gel ensures dispersion throughout the colon (see table below). Pharmacokinetic studies show a low systemic absorption and that the peppermint oil is available for up to 12 hours after the administration of Colpermin.6

This targeted delivery also decreases the frequency of adverse events such as heartburn associated with earlier release of peppermint oil.1

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